How To Make an NFT

As the popularity of this topic continues to grow at a rapid pace, more and more people want to enter the market! Because of how NFTs allow for art to be protected and sold in a secure fashion, it’s a really appealing industry for budding artists and crypto enthusiasts alike. The creation of your first NFT may seem like a daunting task, but you’ll be relieved to know that creating Non-Fungible Tokens is actually a fairly easy and streamlined process.

Step 1: Creating The Art

The first step to creating an NFT is deciding on what art form you’re going to use! The most common medium is digital art, in the form of a JPEG or GIF, but other types of NFTs are becoming increasingly popular. Other options come in the form of audio, whether it be a written song or composition of some sort, or even in-game items! Let your creativity take the wheel, it’s often the most cutting edge and out of the box collections that gain traction. Whatever you decide to create, make sure that you have permission to use the artwork commercially. The easiest way to do this is make it yourself, but you can also outsource the work if you are so inclined.

Step 2: Picking The Platform

There’s a large amount of NFT platforms out there, each with different pros and cons. The most popular ones as of now would be OpenSea or Rarible, but other platforms can be just as effective and secure. Some platforms only allow you to mint on the Ethereum blockchain, but others give you alternate options, like the Polygon blockchain. If you’re invested in lessening your environmental impact, then you should probably look for a platform with Polygon integration. If you’re a newbie to the blockchain world and just want to create your first NFT, then it would probably be simplest to go with OpenSea. After doing some research on your specific needs and wants out of the marketplace, the next step is to create an account and fill out all the prompted information.

Step 3: Minting

The minting process is fairly simple, given that each platform will prompt you to take all the necessary steps. Before you can begin, you’re going to need a crypto wallet, and a small amount of crypto for gas fees. Depending on the platform and what blockchain you’re using to mint your NFT, the crypto you need to have on hand will vary. For example, if you’re using OpenSea, generally you’re going to use the Ethereum blockchain to mint, so you will need to have a bit of Ether ready. When you take the steps to mint your NFT, OpenSea will let you know how much ETH is necessary to make the transaction happen. This amount will vary from time to time, due to network congestion. Once you’ve completed all the steps and given it time to go through, you’ll be greeted with a success notification. Each of your newly minted NFTs will show up under your account, ready to be sold or traded!