Zamio is Bringing TrillioHeirs NFT Collection to DeFi

The crypto industry has recently experienced technical breakthroughs through its blockchain technology in many areas, such as AI, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse, changing the course of the modern world, although few understand the potential.

NFTs, in particular, has witnessed exponential growth in 2021 as the number of buyers and sellers on the trading floors has increased markedly, surpassing 13 billion dollars in trading volume. Given the current trend and status of NFTs, they are likely to continue dominating the market, notably in the metaverse and gaming industry.

TrillioHeirs NFT by Zamio

One such NFT in 2022 is a token developed by the Zamio ecosystem. The company, which showed notable growth in 2021, decided to follow the latest trend by launching its own collection of NFTs called TrillioHeirs.

Unlike most NFTs on the market today, Zamio has created a collection of well-drawn images endowed with features that provide exclusive access to a variety of products within its ecosystem.

Benefits of TrillioHeirs

The TrillioHeirs holders can participate in DAO Governance, receive increased allocations from 1.5x to 2x on ZAMpad, opportunity to take part in private pools and seed pools, collect income from rewards pools, use NFT in metaverse on SandBox and earn money in Play2EarnGames.

There are 8888 NFTs in total with four levels of rarity: Aliens, Brutal, Enlightened Ones, and exclusive Chosen Heroes collection, in which each element is unique. The initial cost of one non-fungible token will be 0.18 ETH. To receive rarer NFTs, users should be $ZAM token holders and stake $ZAM.

How to get the NFTs

There are several ways to get NFT. One of them is joining the Whitelist, consisting of 1500 spots. More details about the whitelist and mandatory tasks can be found at Zamio Discord.

Buying NFTs through a whitelist provides several benefits. First of all, users receive a token at a discounted price before the public sale starts.

In addition, Zamio is hosting a giveaway that features a massive raffle of 3,000 whitelist spaces and 10 NFTs. Users need to complete all tasks and requirements to maximize the chances of winning and then fill out the form at Gleam.

Zamio also hosts Reddit & Discord & Twitter Bounty Campaigns. In the contest, users must complete the tasks to get points and earn $ZAM tokens. The more points users get, the more $ZAM tokens they will receive at the end of the Bounty campaign. To do this, you must also fill out the form.

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