XRI Just Revealed That Jasmycoin Will Be Available For Purchase At The SAKURA NFT Platform

A blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing infrastructure, XRI has revealed that JasmyCoin, a native crypto asset for data security and sharing services will be available on the Sakura NFT marketplace. The JasmyCoin listing on the marketplace adds to the fast-growing Sakura ecosystem which has witnessed astronomical growth since its launch.

JasmyCoin is a native cryptocurrency created by Jasmy Incorporated, which was established in 2016 by a former CEO of Sony Corporation. This token is distributed when users provide their information to the Jasmy IoT platform. It is expected that they can be used for various purposes. This collaboration is aimed at broadening and expanding the ecosystem of the parties involved in it.

Sakura Leads NFT Adoption In Japan With Several Collaborations

The Japan-based NFT marketplace Sakura is a marketplace for the buying and selling of rare, unique NFTs. Designed mostly for renowned people, celebrities, and upcoming creators who want to share their images, videos, and other items with the globe. Sakura has positioned itself as a branded platform to spearhead the acceptance and growth of non-fungible tokens in Japan.

Sakura NFT is bringing tokenized JasmyCoin to the fast-growing Jasmy ecosystem as Jasmy aims to realize “data democratization,” by decentralizing the management of personal data through the “Jasmy IoT Platform,” and the issuance of proof of value exchange and payment for various services. Jasmy services are designed to be used by many people for various purposes.

Decentralized cloud computing infrastructure XRI,  is working on the development of the SAKURA NFT Platform,  XRI is a project that intends to deliver decentralized infrastructure to individual Internet users in order to act as the nexus between blockchain technology and the world’s data.

Sakura has also formed an alliance with Ai Miura, the first Japanese woman to win a Formula 3 race. She also took home first place in the FIA Solar Car Race Suzuka, the KYOJO Cup, and the VCR Vita. Sakura’s most recent partnership, with JasmyCoin, joins a long list of past collaborations.

The Sakura NFT platform differs from other existing NFT platforms in that it incorporates the gold standard concept into the creation of its one-of-a-kind, uncommon NFTs. Sakura is attempting to alter the trajectory of how NFTs are valued. To this end, Sakura has collaborated with Arca Degussa to establish the world’s first gold distribution system in order to make this a reality.

Even though NFTs are going mainstream, they are still inextricably linked to the crypto ecosystem and hence subject to market volatility. The innovation brought by Sakura will introduce gold to NFT thereby stabilizing the price flow of Sakura NFTs. This could ultimately be a game-changer for the entire NFT sector and a gateway for further innovations. Sakura is seizing every opportunity to set itself for wider mainstream adoption.

About XRI: A Suite Of Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform

XRI is on a mission to deliver decentralized infrastructure to individual Internet users to act as the nexus between blockchain technology and the world’s data. XRI is assembling Oracle, a decentralized cloud computing system for user-powered interoperability between the off-chain world and smart contracts, as well as for individual data self-sovereignty. XRI is bringing enterprise solutions to the data market and also solving many of the impending challenges that have eroded the industry.

Individual data sovereignty and a multi-cloud decentralized data management philosophy are the foundations of XRI decentralized storage (XRDS). XRDS offers cost-effective solutions to issues that centralized storage systems are unable to solve. Sakura is currently leveraging the cloud services provided by XRI to host its NFT marketplace and provide fast, efficient services to users.

On the XRI platform, developers will be able to use popular libraries to construct blockchain applications without having to learn a new programming language. Users will receive an encrypted disk as well as a global login that does not require passwords, allowing them to migrate their data to whatever software they choose.



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