Twitter introduces verified NFT profile pictures for Twitter Blue users!

Since the lockdown periods of 2020, the non-fungible market has exponentially grown across the world, capturing the attention of the mainstream media, celebrities, athletes, the ordinary person alike. These assets have allowed crypto enthusiasts and art enthusiasts to showcase their art across digital platfoirms while retaining full ownership of the NFT. Since the start of the NFT craze, owners have been using their NFTs as profile pictures on Twitter, despite the raising concerns about the durability of ownership of the digital art pieces (whether a CryptoPunk, Bored Ape, or any other NFT). 

While ownership of the digital asset posted as your profile picture (pfp) can be easily tracked to your Ethereum-based address, on an immutable blockchain, there has been a rising number of Twitter users who simply right click on the image, save it, and use it as their own. In an effort to reduce the duplication and thieving in the NFT space, Twitter (a crypto-friendly social media platform) introduced NFT verification on profile pictures last week. 

According to the statement, the NFT verification service will be available to users with the premier Twitter Blue, the firm’s $2.99-a-month subscription service. Verification is available for Ethereum-based NFT projects and iOS users, for now, with Twitter confirming more blockchains will be added alongside a web and Android version.  

A clearer vision for the NFT market

While Twitter has kept tabs with the crypto market for the past three or four years, the social media firm is yet to fully integrate a blockchain sector in the company. Quicknode, a Miami-based blockchain firm, provided the infrastructure needed to assist Twitter with the integration of NFT verification of profile pictures. 

The partnership between Twitter and Quicknode marked a monumental moment for the NFT and Web 3 communities, a tweet from the Quicknode team read. With the introduction of NFT verification on Twitter pfps changes the game completely, as users will not easily steal NFTs and parade them as their own. This brings sanity to the industry while promoting crypto enthusiasts to participate more within the community. 

In a statement on the latest achievement by Twitter, Quicknode stated their excitement on the partnership with Twitter with an aim “to deliver support for features for the recently launched NFT Profile Pictures”. 

“While demand for QuickNode’s platform as a provider of blockchain infrastructure continues to take off as more companies look to adopt blockchain as part of their product strategy,” the statement reads. “Through this new feature, we’ll help provide a means in which people on Twitter can show off the NFTs they own and be a part of its thriving community.”

Apart from providing blockchain infrastructure, Quicknode also collects NFT metadata to provide an easy-to-use search engine, making NFTs easily searchable and universally accessible. Via the Quicknode NFT API Add-On, the collected data is normalized to make it easily searchable, letting anyone query across various NFT projects, collections, and blockchains, saving time and money.  Additionally, the platform provides verification services for NFTs on Ethereum, allowing users to track how the NFT has changed hands and which crypto wallet currently holds the NFT. Webhooks built into QuickNode’s NFT API Add-On allow applications to receive updates and transfer events automatically.

As the number of NFT projects and collections grows by the day, finding the correct details, rare properties, past transaction history, and other valuable details is key to determining what to pay for the NFT. Quicknode provides this feature making it easy for users to access this information and compare NFT collections and projects. Finally, the platform also allows you to find notable creators with  multiple collections, which could be beneficial to adding to your NFT collections. 

Final words

With the rise of NFT verification on Twitter, experts expect the effect to brush off other social media platform in time. Nonetheless, the proces sis yet to be complete as truly committed ‘NFT thieves’ could still save the verified NFT and mint an identical NFT to use on their profile picture, complete with a hexagonal frame (signature to owning an NFT as your Twitter profile picture). 

In the future, Quicknode aims to find ways to completely kill off the right clicking and saving of NFTs to ensure the owner of the NFT is the only one able to use the NFT as their profile picture. 

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