Richape Mille Launches NFTs That Unite the Physical and the Virtual

As the cryptocurrency waltz continues, so does the rapid rise of the NFT phenomenon. As we focus on investments, every market will eventually hit a resistance level. So, smart NFT-makers are planning ahead to focus on how to overcome it.

We can’t say for sure what the secret to success is with launching an NFT as well as it happens with cryptocurrencies – or we’d already be billionaires – but what we can assert that one of the critical factors to ensure long-term growth is the support of a dedicated community that believes in the project.

This is what Richape Mille thought when he put into the pipeline his new collection of NFTs. Look at them as the first step for constructing a more extensive system that combines the physical and virtual in a great unicum: a real hub dedicated to lovers of luxury watches – which becomes its secret weapon.

Metalus NFT, the new collection by Richape Mille

The Metalus collection pays homage in name and features to the famous Nautilus by Patek Philippe and represents an authentic digital art collection dedicated to the world of watches. One hundred different subjects, finely handcrafted into NFTs, will be available in four rarity classes: Rare, Super Rare, Grail, and Piece Unique. A total of 5711 NFTs will be minted.

If you want to know more or participate in the launch of the collection, which will take place around the end of February, we suggest you pre-register on the Richape Mille website – – to access the Discord channel that will be put online soon. This channel will be open to all watch enthusiasts who want to make a difference. It represents the first step towards building a community that will become the backbone of the most important marketplace in the metaverse.

Among the most active in the channel, who will add experiences and content, making it richer and more enjoyable, a few will receive the invitation for the whitelist. This will allow them to buy up to 2 NFTs per wallet at launch price when the NFTs are minted towards the end of February.

The rest of the NFTs will be placed on the most popular public marketplaces once the whitelist offer expires – obviously at prices different from the launch price and subject to the gas war. A few days after the end of the public allocation, the subjects of the NFTs that have been purchased and their rarity will be revealed.

The creation of ChronoMETA

Richape Mille’s commitment to the project is long-term. The launch of Metalus will allow the creation of ChronoMETA, a marketplace on the metaverse dedicated to all things NFT with a luxury watch theme, both physical and virtual, and which will allow participants – namely, the exclusive club of NFT owners of the Metalus series – to operate on it.

On ChronoMETA – the first marketplace of this kind – it will be possible to buy, sell and exchange NFTs with payment in cryptocurrencies, at lower costs than those of a traditional marketplace, quickly and directly, and without the typical problems of “physical” distribution of timepieces: waiting lists, watch flipping, and excessive surcharge by intermediaries.

Another interesting spin on blockchain technology offered by ChronoMETA is the possibility to acquire fractional ownership of an NFT attached to a physical watch. Anyone will be able to purchase a piece of a Grail watch – which may have been entirely out of their reach before – and resell them in the future on the platform—an innovative and exciting investment vehicle.

To top it off, there will be special initiatives and other perks aimed at members of this “club,” both physical and virtual, offered by ChronoMETA in collaboration with the most exclusive manufacturers of luxury watches.

ChronoMETA’s development will also be accompanied by creating a structure dedicated to developing technology and services to allow the great horology Maisons to enter the metaverse simply and effectively: And if you think it’s just an idea for the future, it’s already happening.

Richape Mille’s ace in the hole: community building

Richape Mille, as we said, aims high. And it goes to great lengths to create a community that is attractive to all participants right away. So, first and foremost, all subscribers to the Metalus collection will receive a custom hoodie with its logo, complete with its digital version in NFT.

And one of them, the luckiest one, will benefit from a very special perk: a dream watch, a platinum Rolex Daytona, complete with box and papers. Physical, not virtual.

In addition, there is an interesting spin-off dedicated to those who own NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. If someone holds them and keeps them on the same wallet as the Metalus series, they will receive a completely free NFT derivative that will show their monkey wearing the Metalus series watch that they own.

Richape Mille’s initiative, which combines the physical and virtual worlds into a unique and distinctive project, is in the process of launching. It looks like a perfect example of how value can be created by looking further into the metaverse. This environment will become the new dimension of global business in ways we can only imagine today in early 2022.

A gamble? Maybe so. But those who bet on Bitcoins indeed bet on a horse that turned out to be a winner.

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