Rarible Adds Support for Tezos & Launches New NFT Collection

NFT marketplaces have proliferated everywhere – and now another one is hitting the market.

Despite the controversy surrounding these platforms’ safety, certain names have gained popularity and trust, such as OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, Larva Labs, and Nifty Gateway.

While OpenSea is the market leader, other platforms have demonstrated that they are reaching their full potential and may soon surpass the largest NFT marketplace.

The Rarible NFT marketplace recently announced the addition of Tezos blockchain to its current list of blockchain networks, which includes Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos.

Rarible NFTs to Compete with OpenSea

At first glance, the Rarible NFT marketplace appears to be similar to its main competitor, OpenSea. The place is one of the first NFT exchanges to integrate DeFi features, allowing users to create, buy, and sell NFT tokens.

However, as it has grown, Rarible has demonstrated that it has taken a distinguished approach, most noticeably with the release of the RARI governance token. The Rarible team wants to put more effort into the community’s growth and engagement with RARI.

In addition to the current largest Ethereum-powered network for NFTs, Rarible is pushing stronger for a multi-chain future. Rarible added support for Flow, Dapper Labs’ growing blockchain network that hosts the NBA Top Shot, in November.

Plans for additional Tezos NFT support were announced shortly after Flow’s support.

Following the support of Ethereum and Flow, Rarible is now working on implementing the Tezos blockchain. Rarible will facilitate the sale and trade of NFTs issued on Tezos as part of the strategic partnership, as well as create a secondary market for those NFTs.

More Than Just Ethereum

Previously, Tezos blockchain and famous game developer Ubisoft announced partnership to release the first NFT feature.

The game company behind popular titles like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Hornor implements the NFT feature – Digits – in the game Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – the latest part in the Tom Clancy’s series.

Digits are items, accessories, weapons that players can purchase and use in the game, each with their own unique features, similar to traditional NFTs. However, responses from the gaming community are controversial.

Many believe that this is simply another way for game developers to profit from players

According to Rarible’s announcement, Ubisoft Digits will receive instant trading support from the marketplace.

Rarible co-founder Alex Salnikov shared his thoughts on this latest integration:

“Tezos ecosystem has gained significant traction from leading brands, artists, creators, and sport franchises as the place to mint low cost and energy-efficient NFTs…Through this collaboration, Rarible will immediately support secondary sales for Digits: NFTs originating from legacy video game company Ubisoft’s recently launched NFT platform on Tezos. Digits are high-quality, in-game collectibles with active utility value for players, and the first energy-efficient NFTs playable in AAA games made possible through Tezos’ PoS network.”

In addition to the announcement of the partnership, Rarible and Tezos will release an NFT collection called Blazing Futures, which will include 10 NFTs by Tezos artists and will be available exclusively on the platform on December 15.

To wit,

“In celebration of this exciting integration, Rarible and Tezos will also launch an inaugural collection, Blazing Futures, curated by Diane Drubay. Blazing Futures is a drop featuring work from ten Tezos-based artists that will be available exclusively on Rarible starting today.”

In recent years, the field of NFT marketplace has also become a major hub for development, as many major exchanges such as Binance NFT, FTX.US, and Coinbase NFT ramp up their solutions to compete with OpenSea’s dominance.

FTX.US recently announced Ethereum support, making it the first marketplace platform that allows users to simultaneously buy and sell NFT on Solana and Ethereum.

A Supportive Market

Despite the fact that Rarible had many limitations in its early stages. The platform’s features have been gradually improved.

The hype of NFT must assist the art sector in protecting copyright. At the same time, NFT can preserve valuable works for a longer period of time than traditional methods.

All of those have contributed to the success of NFT marketplaces. In November, Rarible launched Rarible Messenger – a new feature that facilitates communication between potential buyers and sellers directly via wallet address.

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