PARSIQ Adds OpenSea Data to New Feature Set for NFT Owners

PARSIQ – which was recently listed as the top ranking DeFi project under $100 million in market capitalization – has a hot new integration with OpenSea – the biggest NFT marketplace out there today!

So basically, what should users expect from this integration?

After announcing to cooperate with OpenSea in terms of connecting the marketplace into its on-chain monitoring platform, the collaboration will provide comprehensive support to users engaged in NFT activities.

Particularly, the integration will give customers the ability to generate personalized notifications for NFTs related activities, thus boosting the industry’s attraction.

Importantly, the implementation of Smart Triggers, which is an outstanding feature, is a part of this collaboration.

Smart Triggers are notifications that may accommodate a variety of criteria, such as floor pricing, volume, attributes, number of owners, wallet activity, and so on.

Furthermore, PARSIQ’s integration also allows users to set up channels for live notifications, with Webhooks enabling Google Sheets, Telegram, Discord as well as other apps.

In addition, to take advantage of this new program from PARSIQ, all users have to do is register for a free account on PARSIQ official website in order to set up Smart Triggers and establish their first PARSIQ based monitoring solution.

What Makes PARSIQ Unique?

PARSIQ is an automation platform that acts as the “glue” that connects blockchain with real-world applications. This is accomplished by making it easier to create processes and notifications between popular blockchains and off-chain systems.

In fact, PARSIQ, like other automation tools like Zapier, allows users to start multiple workflows or receive notifications if and when a specific event occurs.

Most of the current famous blockchains can use this logic – such as BSC, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, Polkadot, Algorand, Dash and more.

In more comprehensive terms, PARSIQ’s platform unifies all chains for users into a single, simply consumable system, implying that no matter which blockchain is used, only one platform is necessary to manage all of the user’s workflow and notifications.

Now, the platform can be thought of as a universal bridge that connects crypto systems with the NFT world.

Another Strategic Integration With PARSIQ

This year, the NFT business has exploded, with sales of digital art objects hovering around $2 billion each month.

That figure is up from roughly $400 million in monthly sales at the beginning of the year, and it helped boost the NFT universe’s market value to around $7 billion.

As a result, a huge number of projects which are related to NFTs have increased in order to fulfil the demand from the current market. PARSIQ has emphasized its strong interest in NFT functionality with its integration with OpenSea.

OpenSea is one of the most well-known decentralized exchanges that provides purchasing and selling NFTs.

Moreover, the platform is not only where users can freely trade their commodities with full support, but also the tool that assists authors to launch their new digital works.

The platform is proud to remain as the largest trading place for digital items that assist users throughout various blockchains while ensuring the best prices for these products.

For this reason, when announcing the integration of OpenSea, PARSIQ will deliver a lot of functionality to NFT owners with this strategic collaboration.

PARSIQ as a Cool “Similarweb” for NFTs

Blockchain technology is ground-breaking and disrupting a wide range of sectors. It is altering the way settlements are made, payments are made, and value is transferred in general.

However, technologies to connect blockchain transactions with actions outside the network are required. PARSIQ is working to create better ways to operate both in the NFT space, and beyond.

Devoted on-duty team members are always available for assisting users in terms of ascertaining the requirements for their specific needs. To learn more about the amazing new features, please click right here!

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