OpenLive NFT Secures $1M Fund to Bolster Potential NFT Projects

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OpenLive NFT, an innovative NFT Marketplace specially built for exchanging NFTs such as popular NFT platforms, Rarible, Opensea, Foundation, etc., has secured $1M from a recently-concluded fundraising round led by a number of leading investors and strategic partners in the crypto and blockchain industry.

FA Capital, Stech, Fudubank, CoinPublic, Zuki Moba, Moniwar, Cowboy-Snake, Barmy, and JADE Labs are major players in the crypto sphere that immensely contributed to the success of the funding round. OpenLive is a novel NFT platform that is rebuilding the NFT ecosystem in its own unique way. The platform utilizes highly-innovative technologies backed by blockchain to create an open network accessible to individuals all around the world.

With the successful funding round, OpenLive is poised to bolster potential NFT Projects through its unique marketplace and promote the era of digital collectibles. The project is ready to kickstart the journey of building channels that connects developers and investors across the globe. OpenLive is enthusiastic about redefining the very core of NFT trading and the entire blockchain space.

Exploring NFTs in a Promising Marketplace

OpenLive NFT is a new pioneer platform in the non-fungible token market, aiming to develop an exchange for NFTs including Rarable, Opensea, Foundation, and others. This new platform is the only verifiable method to create scarcity on the blockchain with an open and transparent system of token transfers. OpenLive achieves this by creating certificates or licenses using mathematical proofs that are verified by individuals.

The non-fungible token (NFT) had its major breakthrough into both popular culture and the art world establishment in 2021. In March, Christie’s made headlines with a sale of the NFT “Everydays: The price paid for “The First 5000 Days” by Beeple, a digital artist, was $69 million (€608 million). The NFT had a starting bid of just $100 (€88) but quickly shot up to become the most expensive artwork ever sold online.

NFTs are digital assets or objects created on a Blockchain network that have proper ownership of the same. To put it in layman’s terms, NFTs are unique objects which can be traded within an ecosystem using cryptography and software protocols. In 2021, the NFT marketcap increased by 1785 percent, resulting in billions of dollars of liquidity in the virtual asset market.

Authenticated by the leading-edge technology, OpenLive NFT aims to become a top-tier NFT platform and go-to marketplace for top-level digital creations. As an emerging innovation with a passion to redefine this space, OpenLive NFT is promoting novel ways people can explore NFTs differently, and offering creative developers worldwide a new way to approach the world of unique and non-interchangeable units as a lucrative, advantageous, and income-generating initiative.

Through its growing NFT marketplace, OpenLive will usher in the next wave of NFTs. With a team of seasoned experts having a solid background in project development and Blockchain experience, OpenLive is gearing up for a new paradigm in the industry. Over the next couple of months, the project plans to bring exciting developments and features to the space by expanding its NFT marketplace with a plethora of thrilling collections.

Providing Support For Digital Transformation

Non-fungible tokens and projects in the space have exploded onto the scene over the last couple of months with cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors clamoring to participate in the ever-growing market. OpenLive NFT has formed an investment fund to provide support for the most exciting and promising NFT Projects in the space. It intends to provide investors with an opportunity to maximize their earning potentials and harness the value the industry has the offer.

Our investment fund will be instrumental in unleashing creative capabilities in the NFT landscape. Our investment fund will support startups by providing them with solutions to accelerate their pace in the dynamic market. OpenLive NFT is excited to be associated with these projects and lead the NFTverse in this direction.” Nathan Tran, CEO of OpenLive explained.

OpenLive NFT is looking at connecting with high-tech NFT Projects in the crypto sphere. The platform aims to build an inclusive ecosystem of extensive infrastructure to meet the needs of promising blockchain innovations and provide support for global digital transformation.


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