Moving NFTs Byond GIFs and JPEGs

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Even though NFTs have been one of the largest real-world use cases of blockchain and smart contracts to date, their adoption has been unidimensional. NFTs have been restricted to GIFs and JPEGs in popular culture, failing to incorporate the vastness the technology is actually capable of.

Lepasa is a project that aims to take the adoption of NFTs beyond JPEGs. Conceptualized by a team of artists and engineered by blockchain enthusiasts, Lepasa is essentially a mythological virtual life. They have the vision to establish an ecosystem that allows users to create, experience, and monetize their content and applications, which is in stark contrast with large centralized social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, where content creators are neglected.

Overview of Lepasa

Lepasa aims to create a mythological virtual life, where everything that can be created in the ecosystem is an ERC-721 NFT token. These tokens are always owned by their holders on the Ethereum blockchain, giving them full control over it. The creatures in this mythological world are a non-fungible, transferable, scarce digital asset.

Multiple virtual properties exist currently, but unlike some of the ones in the market today, Lepasa is not controlled by a centralized organization. What this means is that there is no single authority that has the power to modify the rules of the software, contents, economics of the tokens.


The value that Lepasa offers to apps and game developers is that they can fully capitalize on the economic interactions between their applications and users. These will be a part of a bigger in-world economy of Lepasa where there will be crypto tokens, digital goods, and services being traded.

Lepasa Ecosystem Moves NFTs Beyond JPEGs

Lepasa is a community-driven NFT Art project with the vision to develop a complete ecosystem for artists, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts. The in-world economy that the team has created is a textbook example of what is truly achievable by NFTs. The Lepasa ecosystem will consist of:

  1. Applications and Games: Lepasa’s native scripting language will allow programmers to develop apps, games, gambling, and dynamic 3D scenes.
  2. Advertising: Brands are given the ability to advertise using billboards in high-interest land blocks to promote their products, services, and events.
  3. Digital collectibles: Users can publish, distribute, and collect rare digital assets issued by Lepasa. These digital assets are tradable inside Lepasa’s world.
  4. Socializing: Lepasa gives the ability to port already existing online forums, chat groups, or even other centralized games to their ecosystem.
  5. Tourism: Virtual tourism is barely getting started, and Lepasa is going to capitalize on this. When artists across the globe can inhabit their imaginations on the Lapasa platform, it brings possibilities even for school students and researchers to visit Lepasa for learning, training, and adventure.
  6. E-Commerce: A large number of Lepasa habitants can inspire global sellers to sell real stuff to the users by their virtual store on the platform.

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