Luxury Carmakers Mercedes and Lamborghini Announce NFT Collection

  • Mercedes has roped in five different artists to make unique NFTs based on its G-Class segment.
  • The Lamborghini NFT collection will feature five exclusive space-themed digital artworks representing physical “Space Keys” made from material used in actual space.

Almost every business out there is now looking to get a slice of the booming NFT space. On Tuesday, January 18, two major luxury carmakers – Mercedes and Lamborghini – unveiled their plans with new use cases of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Daimler AG brand is looking to create a Mercedes-brand NFT collection based on its G-class vehicle line. The luxury carmaker made this announcement through its official Twitter handle. Mercedes has selected five artists with the task of creating unique designs inspired by the G-Class segment.

These artists come from different areas of art including architecture, fashion, real estate, graphic design, and music. The idea behind this is that each artist will interpret the NFTs from a different point of view. The artists’ names include Germany-based Antoni Tudisco, Roger Kilimanjaro, Charlotte Taylor, Anthony Authie, and Baugasm.

Mercedes has partnered with Nifty Gateway and shall be launching these NFTs in the next week on January 23. Although it’s the first foray into the world of NFTs by this luxury carmaker, Mercedes has been involved with blockchain for a while. Mercedes has been experimenting with the use of blockchain in the supply chain and tracking car emissions.

Lamborghini joins the NFT bandwagon

On Tuesday, another luxury brand Automobili Lamborghini also announced an NFT collection announcing five digital artworks accessible via the ownership of special physical keys.

As per the press release, the artwork will be accessible via an exclusive project dubbed the Lamborghini Space Key. The press release notes:

The distinguishing element of the space-themed artwork is a piece of advanced carbon fiber composite material that can boast of an incredible journey: Lamborghini sent the sample to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of a joint research venture.

After returning from space, the composite became part of the Space Key. This unique object is limited to five units, each of which is linked to an exclusive digital artwork by the same artist, accessible via the QR code found on the backside.

Lamborghini also said that it shall soon be announcing more details regarding the artists’ identity and the auction date for the collection. Besides, Lamborghini shall also be launching this collection in co-operation with NFT PRO. The NFT PRO is an enterprise NFT solution provider working with brands like Sotheby’s, Adidas, and others.

However, Mercedes and Lamborghini are not among the first ones in the automobile space to dabble into NFTs. Last year in June 2021, McLaren revealed its plans of using NFTs for creating unique and rare versions of its legendary F1 automobiles.

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