HowlCity Launches 3D NFT Motorbike Game

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With the exception of decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens and all related activities have attracted the attention of cryptocurrency insiders and even outsiders in the past year or so.

The industry has blossomed by garnering investors and users from all directions and has continued to grow from the initial stages of simple digital collection to the hottest trend now – play-to-earn games.

Aside from being entertaining, these new products enable users to earn based on their performance and have skyrocketed in popularity. This has led to a need for more specialized games, which, in turn, required the creation of projects such as HowlCity – an NFT racing game dedicated to motorbike’s fans with a series of notable NFT motorbikes.

HowlCity’s Motorbike NFT Game

HowlCity markets itself as the “first 3D NFT racing game incorporating the Metaverse trend.” It allows users to compete in racing motorbikes not only in a 3D play-to-earn game but also to receive rewards and join a Metaverse city where they can interact with each other.

It’s intended for hobbyists who want to test digital thrills, rush on the track, and compete with each other. Users begin with a status of a racer, compete with opponents, and can receive rewards, such as tokens, NFTs, and points.

For example, if users win in a PVE mode, they will receive points. The native token HWL is provided to those who succeed in PVP mode. HWL is used to buy NFT vehicles, while users can convert the points for accessories or upgrade the existing motorbikes. Apart from racing, racers can earn tokens and points from trading and lending.

The token itself will have an initial supply of 11,250,000 HWL and is capped at 540,000,000.
Interestingly, users can also rent their bikes to others in case they have more than necessary. It’s worth knowing that the ownership of the vehicle will not change when rented.

The game has five motorbike categories, each with a signature look and feel. Those are The Dustbike, The Sportbike, The Scrambler, The Scooter, and The Cruiser. Each will have its own set of features, suitable for different terrains.

About HowlCity

The team behind the project is filled with developers from the gaming industry with decade-long experience, including the former CEO of GameLand. The project has received backing from numerous prominent investors. It was incubated by BCS Station, and some of the initial investment capital came from names like Au21, Basics Capital, X21, ZBS Capital, Lotus Capital, BSC Station, Titans Ventures, and more.


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