Dvision Network Announces Official Start of Its 1st LAND Sale in Cooperation with Binance NFT and NFTb

Dvision Network has announced that it will start offering the LAND NFTs in its metaverse, which represents the digital estate ownership in Dvision World. The anticipated launch of the first Meta-Cities will see lots sold in both New York and Seoul as part of a 10-part launch that is scheduled to take place over two years. Dvision Network has partnered with Binance NFT and NFTb to successfully carry out the sale on partners’ platforms, as well as Dvision Network’s Marketplace.

Exclusiveness of land ownership

Owning LAND gives users exclusive rights/digital in the Meta-Space in which the lots are located. The lands are registered as NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-721) and are valuable assets for users in the Dvision Metaverse who can later customize his virtual real estate in various ways and create new profit allocation resources out of it.

The first land sale is scheduled to begin on November 24th at 8:00 PM KST (11:00 AM UTC). The launch will also mark as the biggest “LAND Sale” in Dvision World in collaboration with Binance NFT and NFTb platforms.

In total, there will be 20 Meta-Cities launched over a period of two years and only 200,000 LANDs will be sold over the lifetime of the Dvision Metaverse. Dvision Network will gradually transfer ownership of the LAND to users over this time frame.

How To Get LAND In The Sale

The sale of LANDs will occur through a tripartite partnership between Dvision Network, Binance NFT, and NFTb. Each platform will feature a fixed number of LANDs available for sale with purchase options.

Dvision Network will offer 1,469 LAND lots on its native Dvision Marketplace. These LANDs will be offered to users without any randomization. All Dvision Network marketplace LAND Lots will be offered individually with its specific location on a map. Users are able to purchase LAND using Dvision Network’s DVI tokens.

Binance NFT will feature 1,452 mystery boxes available exclusively to verified Binance.com users. Each one will contain up to 14 different LAND Lot NFTs, with specifications ranging from Regular LAND 1×1 to Premium LAND 3×3 size.

Similarly, users can visit NFTb Launchpad during INO and grab up to 5 LAND Boxes out of 1,495 available. The LAND Boxes on the launchpad are classified by tiers with various access levels. The 1st tier will only have access to the regular LAND Box, while 4th tiers have access to the legendary LAND Box.

LAND Allocation

The LANDs in the Dvision Metaverse will be divided according to a 40-40-20 split mechanism. 40% of LAND will be available for purchase upon launch of each Meta-City in the metaverse. This is to provide Dvision users a ready-to-create platform that they can purchase. Players will be able to create a limitless amount of diverse content on their LANDs in the Dvision Metaverse.

The second 40% portion is allocated to the Play to Earn Concept. Every Meta-City is segregated into three territories (User-Owned, Management-Owned, and Infected Area.” The infected area makes up the 40% of available LANDs that powers the play to earn features in the metaverse. Users who successfully clear infected lots receive DVI tokens from the sale of the LAND that equals their contribution to the prices.

The last 20% of LAND is allocated to the Dvision Team. This portion will be used to allocate LANDs to strategic partners to place their brand-specific content, introduce diverse initial pieces of content, and some will be reserved for future use cases.

The countdown to the sale has already begun on the Dvision website. More information will be available at the end of the countdown. Meanwhile, the LAND Sale will commence promptly on November 24th at 11 AM UTC.

This teaser released by Dvision emphasizes the importance of the partnership between Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision Network and shows the opening of the New York and Seoul Meta-Cities.


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