Alpaca Finance raises $3.6 million in public sale of first half of new NFT collection Alpies

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Notably, NFTs have recently led to revolutionary concepts in digital art, gaming, and virtual metaverses, creating new billion-dollar markets.

Now, as the size of the NFT space reaches new heights, protocols are emerging with even more novel ways to generate value and utility through NFTs, expanding on traditional industries and use cases. Alpaca Finance is an innovative blockchain protocol that is providing users with a unique ecosystem combining DeFi and NFTs. It has gained significant success in the DeFi sector,  ranked amongst the top 30 DeFi protocols with over $1 billion TVL.

Merging NFTs with DeFi

Going beyond DeFi, Alpaca has recently solidified its position as a leading NFT protocol, by raising $3.6 million worth of BNB from the public sale of the first half of its new cross-chain NFT collection Alpies. Conducted via a Dutch auction on Binance Smart Chain(“BSC”), 5,000 Alpies sold out within seconds after hitting the reserve price, registering an average selling price of 1.42 BNB, and resulting in one of the highest-grossing NFT sales in the BSC network’s history.

Yet, this is the result from selling only one-half of the Alpies collection. Alpaca has already publicized that the remaining 5,000 Alpies will go on sale on Ethereum on Tuesday, November 2nd at 2 PM UTC on, with over 1000 having already been paid for in advance through a heavily oversubscribed whitelist lottery.

It’s also worth noting that Alpies holders won’t be able to view the designs of the NFTs until the end of the upcoming sale on Ethereum, demonstrating how much demand there has been for this collection despite the NFTs remaining unrevealed.

Alpies NFTs: A central component of Alpaca’s upcoming NFT metaverse

There has been huge anticipation from the crypto world for Alpies given the potential of these NFTs within Alpaca’s NFT Metaverse, which combines DeFi 2.0, NFTs, and blockchain gaming. The Alpies collection consists of 10,000 NFTs bridgeable between Ethereum and BSC, and owners will receive significant utility from holding these NFTs.

First, Alpies will have a central role as playable heroes in Alpaca’s upcoming play-to-earn gaming platform. Alpies owners will obtain exclusive beta access to the platform, as well as presale allocations to its upcoming GameFi token.

Furthermore, Alpies holders who seek to participate in DeFi will receive unique benefits within Alpaca Finance’s existing DeFi products. Namely, only owners of Alpies can take advantage of a 50% max leverage boost in Alpaca’s leading leveraged yield farming platform, which can multiply their APYs.

Exciting future ahead for Alpaca Finance and Alpies NFTs

Alpaca Finance is already a major player in the blockchain sector. With a thriving ecosystem, Alpaca is one of the 3 largest DeFi protocols on BSC, and that success comes as a result of constantly remaining ahead of trends.

Within its leveraged yield farming platform, Alpaca provides a lending platform with uniquely high APYs for lenders and borrowers (yield farmers) due to enabling superior capital efficiency through leverage. With high composability and upcoming products seeking to further unlock capital efficiency for its DeFi users, Alpaca has already demonstrated foresight by focusing on building according to tenets that are now widely espoused as DeFi 2.0.

Yet, Alpaca’s past accomplishments aren’t limited to DeFi. Alpaca is also a trend setter within the NFT space, having pioneered major milestones, such as having created the first-ever NFT animated short story series, and over 50 NFT campaigns focusing on NFT utility within the innovative realms of POAPs, NFT authentication and NFT farming.

Thus, Alpaca has already put in place many of the pieces to develop its upcoming Metaverse. Now adding its play-to-earn game which is in development, Alpaca plans to merge the dimensions of DeFi, NFTs, and gaming.

After the final sale of the Alpies NFTs on Ethereum on Tuesday, November 2nd at 2 PM UTC on, Alpies will become the center of this Metaverse. And as for the people owning Alpies, they too are seeking to be ahead of the upcoming trends.

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